We were able to bring this old weatherboard house back to life with a fresh coat of paint.

Image of a man painting a the exterior of a weatherboard house in Mairehau, Christchurch with a sealer or primer after waterblasting and priming and prior to painting
Priming the exterior surface with a sealer prior to painting.

For this exterior paint job, we began by waterblasting the exterior of the house and let it dry for a day. Then we went around the whole house scraping all the old loose paint off and priming with an oil based primer and then filled everything we had scraped and primed.

Once that was dry we sanded the whole house and primed up all the exterior plaster with a sealer – as you can see in top photo. Once that was complete, we masked all the windows up, sprayed two coats of Dulux x10 Weather Shield on the house allowing the paint to dry between coats.
We then removed the masking and painted the window frames in the same type of paint, but chose a white hue so we could get a nice colour contrast.

Image of a completed exterior house repaint in Mairehau, Christchurch
A close up of the completed exterior house repaint.

Finally, we prepared the deck, and applied to two coats of Dulux Timbacryl. I think what would have really set this house of would have been a nice coat of paint on the roof in the same colour as the newly-painted decking.

Image of the side of a house with a newly repainted deck.
The newly repainted deck on the house entrance.
Image of a newly repainted, weatherboard house in Mairehau, Christchurch
The finished product!

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