Although this job started out as a simple leak repair, the client decided to do a full interior repaint throughout the house on this one! Both the client and our team couldn’t be happier with the result.


As there was no carpet down, it sped up the process a little for us. First, we started by going around and plastering all the minor defects on the walls and ceilings. We then prepped and primed all the doors, door frames and window frames which required a bit of gap filling an sanding. Once this was complete, we sanded the ceilings and applied two coats of Dulux Ceiling Flat to all the ceilings. We then finished all the doors, door frames and window frames in Dulux Aquanamel.


The next stage for this interior repaint was to sand all the walls where the neutral colour was being applied. We applied two coats of Dulux Wash & Wear Low Sheen and then moved on to the more exciting colours in the lounge, and bedrooms. With the ceilings, doors, door frames and windows frames all finished, all we had to do was finish all the walls with x3 coats of Dulux Wash & Wear, and the whole house came to life with a burst of colour.

Love the character created by all the cool art pieces in this home.

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