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Are you renovating or wanting to renew the look and feel of your property? Call us today for the best painting experience!

Whether you’re looking to add market value, increase street appeal, maintain and extend the life of your property or re-invent the look and feel with the latest colours – Picture Perfect have the team and experience to make it happen.

Our Services


Interior Painting

New builds, existing properties or character homes. Attention to the finer details and we leave your space better than we found it.


Exterior Painting

Boost the street appeal of your property and give a tired exterior a new lease on life or re-invent the look and feel with the latest colours.


Commercial Painting

We can add value to your commercial property, while working around your schedule and needs, without disruption to your customers or tenants.

About Us

Picture Perfect Painting & Decorating are painters with that personal approach you have been looking for. We understand you may be hesitant to invite a stranger into your home, so it is our goal to make your experience with us the best.

Whether you need residential or commercial, interior or exterior painting – we’ll make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We can travel anywhere in Christchurch and the Canterbury region.


Our Work



From start to finish Ben and the team handled our project with excellent professionalism. Throughout all the work undertaken Ben made sure we were happy every step of the way. He went above and beyond from any other contracting company I’ve ever dealt with.”

Vee Dimant


“Ben and his team were great. Easy to talk to and understood what was required. Rates were very competitive. Would use these guys next time we need to update a room or three.”

Dale Mainwaring


Ben and the team were really reliable and hard working. Not to mention very easy to talk to.
I am really happy with the work they did on our house and fence. I would highly recommend Picture Perfect Painting & Decorating to anyone else for their painting needs

Stacey Burt

Commercial & Residential Painters in Christchurch and Canterbury

If you are looking for experienced commercial or residential painters in Canterbury or Christchurch, contact us at Picture Perfect Painting & Decorating today.

We handle all painting and decorating projects, both large and small. The quality of our workmanship is exceptional, plus we are respectful, friendly, and professional.

If you want to get your home painted or decorated, you can trust our team. We offer a full range of services that includes covering your floors and any furniture that cannot be moved, ensuring nothing gets damaged during the painting work.

We can also help you select the right colour scheme, plus we complete the work right down to adding the finishing touches. In other words, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you love the result. Plus, our prices are competitive.


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Picture Perfect Painting is your go-to service for all home maintenance requirements. We offer residential and commercial painting services in Christchurch. You can rely on our Canterbury painters for exterior painting, interior painting, roof painting, bathroom painting, kitchen painting, spray painting and interior plastering services. 

When you choose Picture Perfect Painting, you work with professional Christchurch painters who are known to offer reliable and quality work from start to finish. From preparation and sanding to plastering, gib stopping and painting work, our specialists take care of every little detail to deliver a stellar finish. 

There’s more to painting a building than simply putting on some paint on the surface. There are several little steps to take care of even before we begin painting. Our residential and commercial painters in Christchurch will leave no stone unturned to deliver an amazing finish. 

We treat each painting project like our own and work meticulously to ensure every little detail has been taken care of. We handle your property with utmost respect, preparing the surface for the paint job and using quality materials and paint to deliver lasting results. 

From bungalows, villas and modern homes to restaurants, hospitals and office buildings, our commercial and residential painters in Canterbury will make sure you get a paint finish that stands the test of time. 

We also offer high standards of workmanship on commercial painting projects. In addition, we’ll do what we can to plan and complete the work in a way that causes as little disruption as possible to your customers and/or the operation of your business.

So, to speak to one of the leading commercial and residential painters in Canterbury and Christchurch, contact us today. We’ll discuss your requirements and will give you a free, no-obligation quote. Please call now on 027 930 9031.

Interior & Exterior Painters Christchurch

At Picture Perfect Painting & Decorating, we have both interior and exterior painters on our Canterbury and Christchurch teams. This means we can handle whatever project you need.

Are you looking to improve the external appearance of your house, provide additional protection from the elements, and give your home curb appeal? We can help with our exterior painting services.

Do you want to redecorate the interior of your home, or are you working on a renovation project and need experienced painters to help you complete the job? Our interior painting services will get the job done to the highest standard of quality.

Team of Professional Canterbury and Christchurch Painters

What can you expect when you choose us as your Canterbury or Christchurch painters? Here are some of the key standards we strive for on every project we work on:

  • We offer expert advice as our painters have many years of experience and have worked on a vast range of projects
  • Our teams of painters are reliable, always turning up on time and working to agreed deadlines
  • The paints we use are high-quality and come from leading brands
  • We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure we can complete your project from start to finish
  • We are professional at all times, with excellent communication throughout the project
  • You’ll get a competitive quote

Quotes are also free, and there is no obligation. Please call us today on 027 930 9031.

Residential Painters Christchurch, Canterbury

Looking for interior repainting service? Talk to our residential painters in Canterbury today. At Picture Perfect Painting, we take great pride in offering an unmatched experience. Our painters will work quietly, efficiently and professionally to deliver stellar results and produce a quality finish for your home. 

Interior Repainting Service

While transforming the interiors of your house, our Christchurch painters will be at their professional best, assuring you of complete peace of mind from start to finish. 

Our residential painters in Canterbury offer the following services:

  • Full interior repainting service including single room jobs
  • Gib repairs, skimming and stopping
  • Timber restoration including polyurethane, oiling and staining 

If your home’s walls are encrusted with layers of old paint, our residential painters will completely strip the surface to work from a blank canvas. With the old paint removed, the new coat of paint will adhere to the surface strongly without any bubbles or flaking. 

We will do everything necessary to deliver spectacular results. From filling gaps and removing cobwebs to masking off windows and features and everything in between, we take care of every aspect to prepare the surface for the job. 

New Builds

Just built your new home? Need a reliable painting service? Look no further! 

The paint job on your new build will determine how it looks. Building a new home is no mean feat. By the time your new home is ready, you must be feeling exhausted and tired. 

Our residential painters in Christchurch take the stress away by offering unmatched service. Leave the task to us and take a break. Our specialists will paint your new build to high standards to breathe life into it. 

We offer an array of pricing plans to suit every requirement, build and budget. No hidden costs, no surprise charges. Get in touch with us today to discuss your residential painting project. 

Commercial Painters Christchurch

A striking exterior will help you stand out and put your brand in the limelight. A commercial building must have a clean, finished and polished look. It reflects your professionalism and helps create the right impression on visitors and customers. Our commercial painters in Christchurch can help you achieve a superior finish. 

We have years of experience handling all types of commercial projects including schools, colleges, salons, office buildings, medical facilities, government buildings, laboratories, factories and more. 

If your exterior and interior walls look old and dirty, have developed cracks, the paint has begun to chip off or you simply need a fresh coat of paint, our painters in Christchurch are happy to help!

Our commercial painters in Christchurch are fully trained, highly experienced and come equipped with the right equipment to deliver a flawless finish. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint or regular maintenance or a new painting job, we will complete the project to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. 

Got a large project? No worries, our team has extensive experience with Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) and scaffolding. No matter how small or big a commercial painting project, our painters assure you of the same level of professionalism, work ethics and enthusiasm. 

Our commercial painters in Christchurch will take the time to understand your requirements, the architecture of your building and the local weather conditions to offer a personalised painting service. 

We make use of the best quality equipment, materials and paints and leave no stone unturned to deliver lasting results. We use proven painting techniques to make sure the paint job is durable whilst retaining the colours. 

We understand the importance of maintaining professional standards when working in commercial premises. Our team will uphold strict standards of behaviour in your commercial building, assuring you of peace of mind. We will keep the work area clean, neat and safe for visitors and customers whilst we work, so your operations can continue without disruption. 

Exterior Painters Christchurch

When you want to have the exterior of your home repainted, it’s important to ensure it looks great and stands the test of time.

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that guests look at. So it only makes sense to welcome your guests to a home that looks beautiful on the outside as much as it does from the inside. If the exterior of your home needs some love, talk to our residential painters in Canterbury today. 

We offer a complete range of exterior painting services for residential and commercial buildings across Christchurch. Whether you are looking to have your home repainted or want us to paint a new build, we assure you of stellar painting service. 

Our exterior painters in Christchurch combine quality materials and proven techniques to offer the best finish and lasting results. Restore your home or office building to its former glory with our exterior painting service. 

When it comes to painting the exterior of a house, there are several things to consider and our Christchurch painters will explain each step of the process. 

Whether your house is plastered or weatherboard, our experienced exterior painters in Christchurch can help. We have years of experience painting all types of exteriors including linea and timber weatherboards, timber cladding, rendered walls, stucco, spouting, brick, block, stone and more.

Need help redecorating your outdoor living area? Our Christchurch exterior painters can help. Fences and decks can deteriorate in no time, so it makes sense to redecorate them. Cleaning and treating your outdoor space is an important step that most homeowners overlook when decorating their outdoor area. Leave it to us. Our experienced painters in Canterbury will oil, paint or stain the surface to suit your requirements.  

Through our painting service, we can help protect your property against mould and moisture whilst improving the value of your home. 

Christchurch Painters – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Residential Painting in Christchurch Cost? 

The cost of hiring a residential painter in Christchurch depends on a variety of factors such as the paint you choose, the size of the job, repairs if any, your requirements and more. Moreover, the cost of interior painting differs from exterior painting. 

That’s why we provide a free on-site consultation and quote where our Christchurch painters visit your property for an inspection and discuss your requirements to provide an accurate quote. 

Do You Need My Presence When You Paint My Home? 

You don’t have to be home all the time. However, we do recommend that you visit the site at least once a week so we can provide timely updates on the progress and answer any questions you may have. 

Generally speaking, we will meet with you during the initial consultation to discuss your requirements and provide a quote. Once you approve the quote, we will make the necessary arrangements and get started. However, you don’t have to be there while our painting specialists are working. 

How Long Do You Take to Complete a Painting Project?

This entirely depends on the size of the house, the job specifications and how much time we have to spend preparing the surface being painted. Without knowing the scope of the job, it’s difficult to answer this question. 

However, when presenting our proposal for the job, our Canterbury painters will provide a rough timeline for completing the job including start and finish dates. Our residential painters in Christchurch are efficient, reliable and fast, so we strive to complete the job at the earliest. 

Do I Need to Prepare for the Painting Project? 

If it’s an interior painting project, we usually recommend removing/moving furniture and valuables. This helps provide good clearance and easy access for our painters. 

If it’s an exterior painting job, there’s not much you have to do. If there are any trees or shrubs around the house that need trimming or plants that need to be removed, we will let you know. When our painters visit your home for an inspection, we will get a good idea of things that need to be taken care of before the painting job begins and we will advise you. 

Should I Prime My Home’s Walls? 

Whether we are painting your exterior a new shade or adding a fresh coat of paint, we begin by applying a coat of primer to the surface. Primer helps bring out the colour and also makes it easy for the paint to adhere to the surface. 

We don’t recommend skipping primer. You may end up paying a lot more than you had planned. Without primer, paint will begin to peel or even crack in humid conditions. What’s more, when paint is applied to a porous surface or over existing paint, the primer will limit the use of paint, leading to cost efficiency. 

How Long Will the Exterior Paint Job Last? 

This entirely depends on the type of paint you choose. As a general rule of thumb, exterior walls must be repainted every 5 to 10 years. It’s best not to wait until the paint is peeling badly. 

Do You Offer a Guarantee? 

Yes, all of our painting work is covered by a guarantee. Most exterior paint jobs last 15 years. And when it comes to interior paint jobs, it entirely depends on you. Given that the interior is not exposed to the vagaries of nature, it won’t need a repaint for several years. 

Do You Provide Colour Consultation?

Although our painters in Christchurch can provide some general guidance, we cannot provide professional consultation. We can arrange for a professional colour consultant to work with you for a fee. 

Should I Move Out While My House is Being Painted? 

Not necessarily. When it comes to painting a house, we typically work one section at a time. If we are painting your entire home, we usually paint the living areas and bedrooms first for minimal disruption. 

If you are allergic or do not like the smell of paint, we offer “No VOC” paints. However, we mostly use “Low VOC” paints. 

Can I Choose a Cheaper Paint?

Although any paint can boost the looks of your home, premium paint will dramatically transform your interiors and deliver lasting results. A premium paint ensures a smoother, consistent appearance and a far better coverage compared to cheap paint options. Your home is your biggest investment and premium paint offers long-term protection that your home deserves. 

What Happens if it Rains When You are Painting?

If the weather is bad, our painters in Christchurch won’t be able to paint your exterior until the weather clears up. We will keep a tab on weather updates and if things are bad, we will put off the job. After all, you don’t want the paint to come off when it drizzles. 

However, the rains have no impact on interior painting projects.


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