If you’re planning a fresh, new look for your interior space, consider using a great new paint colour to reflect your unique style. Paint can do more than simply add a bit of colour to a room; it can display your personality and creativity for everyone to see. As painters in Christchurch, we at Picture Perfect Painting are here to share some of our favourite paint and decorating trends for 2022.

Warm Neutrals

Neutrals with a warm undertone create a cosy, inviting space while giving a gentle nod of appreciation to the 1970s signature wall-to-floor browns and tans. Warm neutrals such as beige, latte or mocha tones and wonderful stone hues bring character to any room and can be used as a good base colour to start from, while bolder, richer chocolate or coffee browns or a warm wood tone can be a striking feature.

Rich Earth Tones

Earth tones can bring a reassuring, restorative feel to any room. Colours taken from the earth can help us feel more stable and grounded, so it’s easy to understand why such hues make frequent comebacks in style and decorating trends. Natural woods and stained timber, nature-inspired hues such as forest green, sandy brown and warm whites combined with the natural textures of wool, clay and hessian can bring an earthy feel to your space.

Curves And Arches

Rounded curves and arches are an inventive way to create a statement piece. Arches can range from a simple shape painted in a complementary colour on a feature wall to a full-fledged, art-deco inspired statement mural that catches the eye. Essential to keep in mind with your curves and arches is to implement them strategically, making sure they move and flow within the room rather than force their way into a space they clearly don’t belong.

Statement Colours

Bold, statement colours are hardly revolutionary when it comes to paint and decor trends, but they never fail to make an impression. Current trends see statement colours being layered in various strengths and hues throughout a room’s design. For instance, a fire-engine red wall behind a modern-shaped, cherry red chair atop a berry and white candy-swirl rug is sure to grab attention and, when done correctly, reflect your confident, chic nature.

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