Need a fresh coat of inspiration in your workspace? Consider giving your walls a new, refreshing splash of colour to simmer down ageing cracks and make your rooms or buildings shine once more. No matter the hue, mood or atmosphere required for the space of your dreams, we have you covered (in paint, of course)! Allow our experienced commercial painters to aid your decorative needs in Christchurch.

Don’t retrench; just retouch! Giving your office space a tonal makeover directly affects employees’ productivity and the efficiency of your business. Read more to find out which colours to avoid and which colours may be the answer to your monochromatic prayers.

Another Brick In The Wall 

Are you tired of staring at the same black mark on your wall, day in and day out? Consider retouching those problems areas, or change your colour scheme entirely. Change is an important part of our lives. Sometimes all we need is a minor change in our environment to shift our mindset and retouch our lives. Do not fear a complete office makeover, for it may be the very key to reviving workers and bringing them back into reality — no more zoning out or feeling like another brick in the wall.

Colour Me Calm 

Bring a new ambience into your space, either with a bright new hue or something more mundane to calm your mind and spirit. While some colours have a calming effect on the body, like blue-grey, other brighter colours, such as red or orange, have been known to overwhelm employees and produce negative effects in the long term.

Now that you know what to avoid, why not try bringing energising hues, such as mustard yellow, into the office space as it produces stimulating effects. This may be just what you need in your office space. Whatever tone you choose will make a difference in the mood of all employees exposed to it and may even directly affect productivity levels, so choose wisely.

Are you ready to make a change in the workplace by adding some colour to your life? Contact the Picture Perfect Painting team – professional commercial painters in Christchurch.  Click here to request a quote and specify your needs.

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