Recently we had the opportunity to take care of a quick interior painting job in Fendalton, Christchurch. Prior to starting work on this quick room renovation, the TV room used to be a very dated colour. Unfortunately, the room had been painted using the same colour for both the walls and ceiling. This had the effect of making the room look dull and feel smaller than it actually was.

As a ceiling spends most of it’s time in shadow, it appears darker if you are using the same colour. Because of this fact, it’s recommended that your ceiling be at least a few shades lighter than the walls. For a cosier feel to the room you can use darker shades and colours. However, if you are wanting to create a feeling of space, then you want to look at using lighter colours and shades. This is especially important when you are painting ceilings.

This interior painting project was pretty straight forward. At the beginning of the job we first sanded all the surfaces down and then gap filled and plastered on all the walls and trims. We used a medium grit sand paper on the trims and block-sanded plaster patches on the walls. Once that was completed we spot primed those areas and completed preparing the surfaces.

We put two coats of Dulux Ceiling Flat Black White on the ceiling. Following that, we applied two coats of Dulux Black White Aquanamel on the trims. We allowed these to dry and then applied two coats of Dulux Wash & Wear Franz Josef low sheen to the walls. Once we had given the room a real good tidy up, this small interior painting job was done! It’s amazing what a fresh white ceiling, and modern colour can do to the look and feel of a room.

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