We had heaps of fun doing this one, and are really happy with how the black has turned out, it has completely changed the whole look of the house and really added a modern touch.


First of all we sanded down the entire house, then we went around and filled any thing that needed it ( Joins etc ), as we went around we also gap filled internal corners, under each board and where the top board meets the soffit, and anywhere else needed. Once we had finished that, the filler had dried, so we sanded and spot primed. Then it was time for the fun stuff, all we had to do after that was apply two coats of black, which took us the best part of two weeks.

We then painted the down pipes to blend them in with the walls, went around and scraped down windows and cleaned up. Then we’re done! Thanks a lot to Kim and Bevan for being so welcoming to us while we were there, it was a pleasure painting their home, and we had lots of fun doing it.

Here are a few before and after shots.


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